Tobias Vethake started composing and arranging music for film and television during his studies at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media:

e.g. Muxmäuschenstill, Russendisko, Bye Bye Berlusconi, Reise nach Jerusalem; He composed and performed his first score under the name of his solo-project Sicker Man for the American/Canadian  production Seance directed by Simon Barrett.


Since 2005 he has also been composing music for theatres, performance art, installations and radio plays: e.g. Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Volkstheater Wien, Deutsches Theater Berlin, WDR, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Teatrul Național Sibiu, Imperial War Museum London;


Besides releasing albums of his own various musical projects like the electronic-jazz duo Mini Pops Junior on his label blankrecords (est. 2003), he also provides a platform for new, not yet established artists such as the experimental sound-collective Bohemian Drips. His solo-project Sicker Man is the focal point of his artistic creation. Here he  transfers his musical visions into reality, combining classical songwriting with sonic soundscapes. His main instrument is the electric cello. He has been collaborating with artists from all over the world, and is the producer and co-writer of various international releases: e.g. Serengeti (US), João Orecchia (RSA), Machine est mon Coer (AUS/FR), Trialogos (IT/GER);


In response to the altered living and working conditions during the pandemic Sicker Man and Kiki Bohemia started the daily series of livestream concerts Cleansing Drones For Locked Down Homes in March 2020. With Fragments Of Futures Past Sicker Man pursued the daily livestream concert routine during the summer and created 70 electroacoustic instant compositions for solo electric cello.

In November 2020 Kiki Bohemia, Conny Ochs and Sicker Man formed a new project named Trialogos. The band played their first show at Roadburn Redux Festival in April 2021 and their debut album will be released on the 18th of June, 2021 on Exile on Mainstream Records.






Sicker Man

Seance (Soundtrack)                            (2021)

The Hollow Men (Single)                      (2021)

Dialog                                                   (2021)

Epiphany Of The Carcass (Single)       (2020)

Fragments Of Futures Past (Single)     (2020)

Off The Trail                                          (2018)

Passage (Single)                                  (2017)

The Missing                                          (2016)

Vicca Tantrum                                       (2014)

Old Garden                                           (2012)

Zu Gegen                                              (2011)

Flower My Decay                                  (2011)

Nowhere Enterprise                              (2009)

Theatre Works                                      (2008)

A Subtle Life                                         (2005)

Duive Moro                                           (2003)

with Serengeti

Doctor My Own Patience                     (2016)
Saal                                                      (2013)
Shtaad                                                  (2008)

with João Orecchia
Pluton / Neptune                                  (2020)
Vincent                                                 (2009)

with Gregor Schwellenbach

Pop Ambient (Kompakt)                      (2016)